Requesting Lost Time on ARO Telescopes

If time has been lost due to weather or technical issues during regularly scheduled observations on the Kitt Peak 12m Telescope or Mt. Graham SMT, observers can request that this time be rescheduled by sending a request to Remo Tilanus, ARO Operations Manager ( Observers should indicate their project code, the telescope, amount of time lost, why the original observations could not be completed, as well as the distribution of LST blocks lost. To enable efficient rescheduling, requests should be made as soon as possible after the lost time has occurred. 

An example request is as follows:


Project: Shirley_17A_01

Telescope: 12m

Time Lost (list the start date, LST range of time lost, and reason lost)

1. Feb 17 2017, 4-10h LST, Closed -- High winds

2. Feb 18, 2017, 23-10h LST, Closed -- Rain

3. Feb 19, 2017, 8-10h LST, Technical problem

Requesting TBS Time on ARO Telescopes

LST blocks labelled "TBS" in telescope schedules are "to be scheduled" and are available to observers via a formal request. The Time Allocation Committee may also recommend observers whose original proposals could not be fully accommodated. Requests must be received 7 days in advance. If no requests are received by the scheduling deadline, observers may still request time up to the first block of TBS. However, it may be difficult for ARO staff to support the required instrument/telescope configuration on short notice. 

To apply for TBS time on the Kitt Peak 12m Telescope or Mt. Graham SMT, please submit a written request including a brief scientific justification to Buell Jannuzi, Director of Steward Observatory (

Revised schedules will be announced by Alyson Ford, Manager, Radio Telescopes.