Steward Observatory Internal Deadline


Dear Colleague:

The deadline for observing proposals for the ARO facilities (SMT and the 12 m at Kitt Peak) is December 19, 2005, for the 2006-A semester (February 15 - June 30). A new 1.2 mm receiver (dual channel, single-sideband) is now available at the SMT, as well as a 1 GHz bandwidth filter bank spectrometer. The the Desert Star 345 GHz array will also be available to observers during this time period. Observations can be conducted remotely at both facilities, if investigators so choose.

Details about the telescopes and their instrumentation may be found at Information about Remote Observing can be viewed at For further information please contact the ARO staff astronomers:

Dr. William Peters (bpeters{at}as{dot}arizona{dot}edu),  or

Dr. Kiriaki Xilouris (kxiluri{at}as{dot}arizona{dot}edu).

Proposals should consist of the standard proposal cover sheet (; a brief scientific justification (not more than 2 pages); and a source list with observing time requirements and justification. Proposals will be reviewed by the ARO TAC, appointed by the Steward Observatory Director. Scheduling of successful proposals will be done according to availability of the receivers requested. For further information please contact Dr. Kiriaki Xilouris.

Electronic submissions will be expected in Post-Script, MSWord, LaTex PDF formats. Please submit your proposals by midnight MST DEC 19, 2005 to:

Kiriaki Xilouris kxiluri{at}as{dot}arizona{dot}edu.

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