Observer Comment Sheet 

ARO Observer Comment Sheet




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In an attempt to assess whether observers on ARO telescopes are experiencing any problems or difficulties connected with their visits to the site, the Observatory is encouraging each observing team to complete this form. You may wish to comment on our policies or procedures, and it will be especially valuable for us in our continuing concern for how we are handling the observing programs. The Operations Manager will send copies of this report to the Director's Office and to any other individuals whom you may name below. We will do our best to improve the operation based on your suggestions. Thank you.


How clear and complete did you find our user and data analysis manuals?


How well did the equipment (including software) operate?


How effective were the support services?

Scientific Objectives:

Did you accomplish your scientific objectives?


Describe any problems you encountered?

How where they resolved?

Number of hours lost to weather?

Number of hours lost to equipment problems?


Any suggestions to ARO staff to improve our overall operation?


The original of this form will be sent to the Operations Manager. If there are other individuals to which you would like copies of this form sent, please indicate them below: