Friday, July 2, 2004 5:15 PM

The Incident Management Team has advised us to evacuate the mountain. The mountain is closed to all non essential University personnel. We are sending a 3 person structure protection team to the site -- to operate the sprinklers, utilities systems, insure that the VATT SMT and LBT are secured, etc. As of this moment the 3 LBT personnel on site have secured the LBT and are heading down. No biologists are on site. And there are no personnel at the SMT, VATT or LBT. A UAPD officer is on site securing the VATT presently.

The Gibson Fire blew up this afternoon -- from 10 acres to my estimate of 60 acres in a couple of hours. The Gibson Fire is about 2 miles away from the LBT with a dead forest in between. The Nuttall Fire also blew up requiring the fire fighters on the line to retreat to safety zones. A perfect morning turned into a horrendous late afternoon -- on Friday too!

I will know more after the Incident Team strategy meeting tonight and will report then.

Currently Joe James, Shane Olsen and H.L. Case are authorized to head up the mountain. Joe and Shane will head up as soon as they acquire their Nomex clothing. The water tenders are being held on standby at the Base Camp -- H.L. is on standby to drive.

More info after the 8 PM meeting...

John Ratje

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