Tuesday, July 6, 2004 23:00 MST

Nuttall Complex Fire

If you were in Safford today watching the mountain burn you would have thought you were in an inferno. See the attached photos. You may need to save them to disk before opening them up. Fry Canyon is now as clean as a whistle and the Team began back burning Hawk Peak and High Peak at about 8:00 PM tonight. Normally at night, the web cam image at the VATT looking toward the LBT is as black as night -- but check out the camera images tonight starting about 8:00 PM... Then progress through the images to 10:00 PM --


All day back firing operations were underway along Forest Road 507 (the old road to High Peak that was removed in 1989). Marijilda Canyon was burned out today. The fire overran Heliograph Peak knocking out several radio units -- the MGIO microwave and VHF repeater survived and remain in operation.

Our threat condition is somewhat less but we must remain critically guarded until the perimeter is dead out.

I will send the image of the operations situation map in the morning. And tonight I will get a bit more shuteye!

John Ratje


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