Wednesday July 07, 2004 13:30 MST

Good morning all,

So far so good -- a day at a time. The fire maps marked up for the IR image last night are attached to this report. There is intense activity to protect the Columbine and Turkey Flat Cabin areas today. Some of us were fortunate to survive the Heliograph Peak burn over yesterday -- but the Team is going to back firing that area from Swift Trail so Heliograph Peak will see fire from the southwest side during that burn out.

Activities on site this morning -- back firing operations are underway on site burning the dozer line from north of the site toward Old Columbine cabin sites. See map for the new line up around the Old Columbine cabin sites. I will send high resolution images to John Hill and Tom Folkers for their web sites.

The web cam is back on line:

John Ratje



The Southwest Area Incident Management Team has released the following news report:


For Immediate Release July 7, 2004 9:30 a.m.

Firefighters Hold the Fire to the North Side of Mt Graham

Yesterday, firefighters used an arsenal of tools to hold the fire to the
north side of Graham Mountain Range despite intense fire activity, erratic
winds, and dry weather conditions. Firefighters continued to build hand and
dozer lines and conducted burnout operations along Forest Service Road 507.
Helicopters and air tankers helped crews on the ground with water drops and
retardant. In an effort to slow the progress of the fire in Noon Creek,
helicopters dropped ping-pong balls, which ignite on impact. According to
Dan Oltrogge, Incident Commander for the Nuttall Fire Complex, "The
firefighters worked in severe conditions yesterday and despite all the
smoke and flames you could see from town, the crews still held the line and
had a good day."

Fire did burn through Heliograph Peak. A preliminary assessment indicates
that some structures were damaged and communication functions compromised
but the extent of the damage is unknown at this time. Today, firefighters
will attempt to complete a more thorough evaluation of Heliograph Peak area
from the ground. No homes have burned.

The Mt Graham International Observatory and summer homes in the Columbine
and Turkey Flat areas remain threatened. The fire is about one-quarter mile
from the Observatory's north side, but fire officials are concerned the
Nuttall Fire may threaten the west side, if fire enters Shingle Mill

The Gibson Fire burned into Noon Creek Canyon and is expected to spot into
Wet Canyon, which is 1½ miles from the summerhouses in Turkey Flat.
Structure protection actions continue in Turkey Flat as well as the
Columbine area and around the Observatory.

Today, firefighters will continue burnout operations along Forest Service
Road 507 and Swift Trail in an ongoing effort to keep the fire north of the
Swift Trail or State Road 366.

Yesterday, five firefighters sustained minor injuries, bringing the total
number of injuries within the Fire Complex to 17. Most are heat-related

Community Meeting Tonight The Southwest Area Incident Management Team
will host a community meeting tonight in the gymnasium of Ruth Powell
School, located at 1041 14th Ave. The meeting will beginning at 6 p.m.
Fire personnel will provide information and maps on the fire activity
within the Nuttall Complex.

For more information, call the Nuttall Fire Complex Information Office
(928) 348-9425, (928) 348-0261, or (928) 348-4683 - Hours of Operation: 8
a.m. to 9 p.m.

Visit our website:

Today's Fire Facts:


Nuttall Fire 8,717 Gibson Fire 13,426 Complex Total: 22,143
10% Contained

Cost To Date:

$5.1 million Total Personnel Assigned: 869


18 Type 1 "Hotshot" Crews, 4 Type 2 Crews

11 Helicopters, 32 Engines, 5 Dozers, 16 Water Tenders

2 MAFFS (Military Modular Airborne Firefighting System airtankers)

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