Thursday, July 08, 2004 11:00 MST

Attached is the Southwest Area Incident Management Team news release. You will note the fire is 25% contained and the Observatory is in a very defensible position. Back firing operations occurred last night and continue this morning on an east-west dozer line on the north side of the site. I will send the morning fire maps separately this morning. The infrared image last night looks really good as the fire is pulling into the cut perimeter lines. The higher humidity and possible thundershowers this afternoon bode well for the Team (barring lightning starts...).

The fire scenario on the mountain this morning is somewhat subdued with lots of smoldering activity on the east slope (above the Base Camp -- there is some activity in the Twilight Canyon area near the Turkey Flat Cabins but the Team is guardedly confident they will be able to contain the fire in that area.

John Ratje

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