Sunday, July 11, 2004 12:25 MST

It rained... 0.4 inches at the site. We also had a lightning caused ignition at Clark Peak -- the Team has it in check.

This is my last report on the Nuttall Complex. Joe James now has the ball.

Graham County Electric Coop's power lines in the Bonita area went down last night due to a lightning strike. We ran on generator overnight and brought the facility back up on commercial power this morning. If we get some additional rain today as expected -- I think we can get observatory crews up the mountain this week -- maybe as early as Wednesday. Joe will be working with the incident team tonight to see what develops. The public are excluded from the mountain because of the fire traffic and "smoldering" safety issues. There is still some smoke in the Turkey Flat area.

For those persons interested -- I have posted the latest fire map on the wall in my office. The Team will not be putting any more maps out as the remaining fire is not moving much with the recent moisture. The Type 1 Team will demob and transition to a Type 2 Team from New Mexico on Tuesday at 6:00 PM.

And after a nice afternoon nap today -- Margaret and I are headed to the Colorado mountains... See you later!


John Ratje

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