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The following videos are courtesy of KVOA Channel 4 Eyewitness news. All rights are retained by them and are reproduced here by permission.



Videos marked with a * contain aerial footage taken with the KTVK Channel 3 News helicopter. These videos are courtesy of KTVK Channel 3. All rights are retained by them and are reproduced here by permission.


07/03/04 Two fires now threaten Mt. Graham. MPEG
07/04/04 Fireworks of a different kind hit Mt. Graham. MPEG
07/05/04 Fires get worse on Mt. Graham MPEG
07/05/04 Report from the Safford town hall meeting. MPEG
07/05/04 Some University of Arizona scientists have a lot to lose. MPEG
07/06/04 Mt. Lemmon firefighters help out with Mt. Graham fires. MPEG
07/06/04 Fire Hits Heliograph Hill. MPEG
07/06/04 * A tough firefight continues on Mt. Graham. MPEG
07/07/04 Kitt Peak prepares for fires during this drought season. MPEG
07/07/04 * Mt. Graham fire gets some help from helicopters. MPEG
07/07/04 * Live aerial footage of the Nuttall Fire Complex. MPEG
07/07/04 * Today is crucial for fire fighters on Mt. Graham. MPEG
07/08/04 It was a mixed bag day today on Mt. Graham. MPEG
07/09/04 Mt. Graham firefighters are looking for some help from the rain. MPEG
07/09/04 Weather today help the fire fighting efforts on Mt. Graham. MPEG
07/09/04 Mother nature to the rescue on Mt. Graham. MPEG
07/11/04 Arizona congressman Rick Renzi tells Mt. Graham cabin owners he's working on legislation to get them more control of the land and trees. MPEG
07/13/04 * Evacuated Turkey Flat residents are allowed back in to check out their cabins. MPEG
07/19/04 Cabin owners are allowed to return to their cabin. MPEG
07/19/04 Flood dangers now face residents of Thatcher and Safford. MPEG

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