12 Meter Summer 2006

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Jobs/Description Who? Priority Done


Inspect & Repair Dome Wheels & Tires GT/All 1  
Inspect & Repair Dome Door Rollers & Sprockets GT/All 1  
Inspect & Repair Dome Arch Beam GT/All 1  
Inspect & Repair Dome Power Track GT/All 1  
Inspect & Repair Dome Drive Motors & Brushes GT/All 1  
Lubricate Entire Dome GT/All 1  
Drain all gear boxes and install new oil GT/All 1  
Clean Dome Door  GT/All 1  
Inspect & Repair Dome carbons GT/All 1  
Inspect and repair dome track GT/All 1  
Paint Dome Walls & Floors Operators 2  


Lubricate Entire Telescope. GT/All 1  
Pressure Wash Dish, Dome & Floor Operators 2  
Find a replacement cover for dish template TF/GT 2  


Inspect MG's & Brushes GT/All 1  
Inspect & Tighten all Dome Electrical Connections GT/All 1  
Replace Onan Batteries GT/All 2  

Control Room

Clean & Repair Control Room Fans & Filters Erin 2  
Clean All AC Ducts and Filters Erin 2  


Make operator dorm livable All 1  
Repair Library & Observer Dorm Siding Operators 2  

Cool Coat Observers dorm and library roofs.

GT/All 2  

Control System

Backup all observers data. TF 1  
Resurrect optical pointing TF/BP 1  
Make sure vane is set to sky after abort. BP 1  
Implement "Ostrich Mode" for CloudSat flyovers BP/TF/RF 1  
Port relevant software improvements made at HHT to 12m TF/BP 1  
Automatically insert Vane when going to Zenith TF 1  
Check in and document all software checked out for editing BP/TF 1  
Implement different frequencies of nutation for DBE TF 1  
Include a goodness-of-fit indication in the pointing fits TF 1  
Limit pointing fit extrapolation by Dataserv to < 2x grid spacing TF 1  
Implement a velocity offset for planet & comet observing BP 1  
Resurrect inclinometer measurements TF/BP 2  


Re-plate the gold inside of all four eletro-formed feed horns RF   X
Rebuild 2 - 3mm low and 2 - 3mm high feed horns RF   X
Find long-life replacement seals for Balzer GM refrigerators RF   X
Investigate erratic baseline problem - possible pop-corn noise gain instability RF    
Measure cooling capacity of JT and GM. RF    
Balzer GM Maintenance MMc    
Telescope Cryo Pipe Modification MMc    
Investigate 23mm Rad Shield MMc    
New IF and Ref cables on Telescope MMc    
Varian turbo pump replacement. MMc    
23mm Spider and strap refurbishment MMc    
New Cryogenic hoses on Telescope MMc    
3mmlo & 3mmhi insert tests MMc    
Investigate the erratic behavior the 3mmlo ch 1 Gunn. MMc    


Repackage M/G driver amplifiers RF    
Replace Signetics N8241A at location "V" on all 7 digital controller cards RF    
Install replacement db Products transfer switch in RIRTER RF    
Investigate subreflector - oscillation noise RF    
Investigate spurious signals in 2 MHz amp/splitter section. RF    
Investigate the operation of the series mode signal processor in the Plain and Red 2 MHz filter banks. RF    
Fix series/parallel mode indicator in switcher for the 2 MHz (Red ?). RF    
Search for circuit "improvements" in 1 MHz series mode signal path RF    
Flatten response of MAC samplers RF    
Reliability of MAC operation -reliability of 8-beam IF processor modules RF    
Install remote Power Fail monitor capability in compressor RF    
Replace timeout-relay ? in generator auto-start controller RF    
Replace digital panel meter in the control room total power chassis RF    
Repair stuck bit 3 of the elevation LED display on the console RF    
Investigate problems with CSMirror finding home RF TF    





Repair phone in operations managers office TF    
Repair phone extension in the computer room TF    
Repair fiber-link to Lab TF    
Repair fiber-link to apex TF    
Replace Gore-Text cover on tipper house. TF    

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