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Job/Description Who ? Pri Done


Inspect and repair Roof & door seals Steve 1 X
Seal door on 5th floor Steve 1  
Seal vents Steve 1 X
Install taumeter cover Steve 1 X
Reinstall drywall Steve 2  
Make and install 5th floor hatch molding. Steve 2  
Run gasoline engine, open and close doors. Steve 2  
Remove and Repair Gas engine. Steve 1  
Paint fourth floor Steve 3 X
Hydraulic service Steve 1 X
Clean track. All 1 X
Adjust building wheels Steve 1 X
Crane maintenance Steve 1  
Fans in 5th floor walls Steve 2  
Building drive tests Harry 2  
Door and roof limit switches Steve 1  
Check lights and interlocks on door controller Bob S. 1 X
Install new weather station and enclosure Steve 2  
Check for Building ground loop's. Pete 1  
Lightning rods, boxes and ground cables. Bob S. 1  
Maintenance on building hatches Pat 2 X
Investigate building drive fuse issue. Harry 1  
Inspect and repair hatches. Bob M. 2 X


Inspect and grease hot-vane slider. Steve 1 X
Calibrate building vs. antenna limit switches.. Steve 1 X
Check elevation wrap Steve 1  
Grease elevation motors and bearings. Steve 1  
Check out inclinometers. Pete 2  
Take a ride in the elevation cabin to view sunlight on feedlegs. Bill 1


Identify which trees are blocking the view to Heliograph Peak. Bill 2




Clean and grease Az and El bearings Steve 1  
Clean & grease ring gear Steve 1 X
Grease elevation motors Steve 1  
Check Az wrap for cable wear. Steve 2 X
Check for gas leaks Steve 1 X
Clean upper landing. Steve 1  

Control System

Back up all observers data / user areas Tom 1 X
Upgrade all Non-Real-time Linux boxes to Fedora Core 2.0 Tom 1 NO
Find a permanent home for smtotux Tom 2 FFBS
Clean up CACTUS GLOBAL. Tom 1 X
Install receiver functions in global memory. Tom 1 X
Install and program zero check box on VCO's Tom 1  
Finish IF routing and software on FMS Tom 1  
Finish 'goodness of fix' function in five points. Tom 2  
We need an 'Ignore Offsets' button in Rambo Spec 5 screen Tom 1  
Rambo should indicate it's taking data. Tom 2  
Fix Tipper going below tree line? Tom 2  
Port FitIncRealtime Bill 1  
Clean out extra log messages, especially msg's to Monitor. Tom 2  
Log encoder fit parameters vs angle. Tom S 2  
Log encoder 0 pt resets and fiducial encounters w/o reset. Tom S 2  
Check out tracking at high elevation. Tom S 1  
Port NETCHECK. Bill 2  
Install cross scanning pointing. Tom 2  
Configure and Install display in lounge. Tom 1  
Upgrade AutoCAD on mountain. Tom 2  
Implement a 9-point pointing measurement Tom 2  
Continuously measure building I's to be saved after fuse blows. Tom 2  
Reorder rcvr selection in Rambo than the alphabetic order. Bill 2  
Create Rambo buttons to select the various CTS resolutions. Tom 1  
Create Rambo Buttons & Global Memory for the FFBS. Bill 1  
Combine the pointing data in Dataserv. Tom 2  
Implement processing of Galactic Coord OTF's in Dataserv. Tom 2  
Fix GALACTIC label in the DataBrowse Plot. Tom 2  
Modify cts_data to allow for more than one CTS. Bill 2  
Modify ffb_data to accommodate FFBS. Bill 1 X
Fix bugs in Exec setup of OTF maps in galactic coords. Bill 1 X
Implement orbital element for calculating asteroid ephems. BVV 1 X
Implement different nutation frequencies in DBE. Tom 1  
Improve the SAZ to eliminate need to inflate the SAZ for slew. Bill 1 X

Prime Focus

Install Kitt Peak Temperature sensors. BUI* 1  
Thermal test on Sub-Reflector? ? 2  
Check sun limits and for heating of translation stage. Bill 1  
Subreflector Work ( remove from telescope) Harry 1  
Touch up paint work on Quadra pod ? 2  
Pinhole camera tests Bill 1  
Measure the I/O volts of Focus stage position sensors. Bill 1  


Cold Head maintenance Martin 1  
Compressor repairs and modifications Martin 2  
Change oil in vacuum pump Steve 2  
Check vacuum lines and valves Bob S. 1  
Clean N2 cans Bob S. 1


Check calibration on light tower. (Change battery) Bob S. 1


Create new tuning tables. Bob S. 2  
Configure and Install tuning computers in rcvr rooms Tom 1  
Fix Cal button in right rcvr room Tech 1


Fix 230sis backshort mechanism Eng 1


Fix 345sis thermal problem Eng 1  
Restore 490sis receiver Eng 1  
Investigate/cure standing wave ripple in all receivers. Eng 1  
Blow out and check connection on Tau meter Bob S. 2


Check GPS antenna and rain Detector. Bob S. 2


Install pin diode switch for Agilent. Harry 1  
Repair power supply for central-selection mirror. Harry 1  
Replace display for spectrum analyzer. Bob M 1  
Repair or replace long fill tube. Harry 1  

Backends IF

VCO Zero box- PCB and construction. Pete 1  
Encoder power supplies- Change to ext. 115 Volts.. Pete 1  
Finalize CTS IF box for 3 CTS and the current input frequency. Eng 2  
Implement a CTS IF config so that two can be used in "series". Eng 2  
Remove Texas Filter banks. (Leave VME crate and wiring) Eng 1 X
Install New Forbes Filter Banks. David 1  
Verify AOS center channels. Bill 1  


Blow out and check electrical J-Boxes Bob S. 2  
Check all building lighting. Bob S. 1 X
Blow out all racks and electrical boxes Bob S. 1  
Check out and do maintenance on AOS and Maser Chillers Bob S. 1  
Replace battery in Vatt wind bird. Bob M. 1 X
Replace hot water heater in Hilton. Steve 1 X
Check exit signs and emergency lights Steve 1 X


10 MHz Distribution noise tests Harry 2  
Temperature monitor for Maser Room Harry 3  
Siding on Hilton MGIO 2  
Clean Base camp container Steve 3 X
Purchase and install weather station box. Robert 2  
Fire Alarm, emergency lights and fire extinguishers Bob S. 2  
Verify building angle limits. Bob S. 1  
Repair Maser. Harry 3  
Relocate all vestiges of the VAX's to Bills office. All 1  
Organize all documentation into one place. Bob M 3  


* Butt Ugly Installers

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