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Job/Description Who ? Pri Done


Seal door on 5th floor Steve 1  
Run gasoline engine, open and close doors. Steve 2  
Remove and Repair Gas engine. Steve 1  
Paint fourth floor Steve 3  
Hydraulic service Steve 1  
Clean track. All 1  
Adjust building wheels Steve 1  
Crane maintenance Steve 1  
Fans in 5th floor walls Steve 2  
Building drive tests Harry 2  
Door and roof limit switches Steve 1  
Check lights and interlocks on door controller Bob S. 1  
Install new weather station and enclosure Steve 2  
Check for Building ground loop's. Pete? 1  
Lightning rods, boxes and ground cables. Bob S. 1  
Maintenance on building hatches Pat 2  
Investigate building drive fuse issue. Harry 1  
Inspect and repair hatches. Bob M. 2  
Install Evaporation Cooler for computer room HVAC system Tom/Steve 1  


Inspect and grease hot-vane slider. Steve 1  
Calibrate building vs. antenna limit switches.. Steve 1  
Check elevation wrap Steve 1  
Grease elevation motors and bearings. Steve 1  
Check out inclinometers. Pete? 2  
Install Thermisters on feedlegs. Tom/Bill 2  
Put inclinometer temperature probe in FMS. Tom    


Clean and grease Az and El bearings Steve 1  
Clean & grease ring gear Steve 1  
Grease elevation motors Steve 1  
Check Az wrap for cable wear. Steve 2  
Check for gas leaks Steve 1  
Clean upper landing. Steve 1  

Control System

Back up all observers data / user areas first Tom 1  
Upgrade all Non-Real-time Linux boxes to Fedora Core 3.0 of RH 9.0 Tom 1  
Find a permanent home for smtotux Tom 2  
Install and program zero check box on VCO's Tom 1  
Finish IF routing and software on FMS Tom 1  
Finish 'goodness of fix' function in five points. Tom 2  
We need an 'Ignore Offsets' button in Rambo Spec 5 screen Tom 1  
Rambo should indicate it's taking data. Tom 2  
Fix Tipper going below tree line? Tom 2  
Port FitIncRealtime Bill 1  
Clean out extra log messages, especially msg's to Monitor. Tom 2  
Log encoder fit parameters vs angle. Tom S 2  
Log encoder 0 pt resets and fiducial encounters w/o reset. Tom S 2  
Check out tracking at high elevation. Tom S 1  
Port NETCHECK. Bill 2  
Install cross scanning pointing. Tom 2  
Configure and Install display in lounge. Tom 1  
Implement a 9-point pointing measurement Tom 2  
Continuously measure building I's to be saved after fuse blows. Tom 2  
Reorder rcvr selection in Rambo than the alphabetic order. Bill 2  
Combine the pointing data in Dataserv. Tom 2  
Implement processing of Galactic Coord OTF's in Dataserv. Tom 2  
Fix GALACTIC label in the DataBrowse Plot. Tom 2  
Modify cts_data to allow for more than one CTS. Bill 2  
Implement different nutation frequencies in DBE. Tom 1  
Implement "Ostrich Mode" for CloudSat flyovers Bill/Bob 1  
Bad channel list for FFB Bill    
Fix grid offsets in high Dec. Bill    
Add beam offsets for all dual channel receivers. Bill    
Port Inclinometer software from Frankie to FMS Bill    
Check out tracking at high elevations. Bill    
Implement BSP grid map Bill    
Add Trec to eventd log. Bill    
Implement cont OTF using spectral line backends. Bill    
Check out why AZELDATA is multiples of 256 Bill    
Make dataserv plot OTF maps in the coordinates they are taken. Tom    
Add more info to operator.log files. Tom    
Put goodness of fit in autopoint.dat file Tom    

Prime Focus

Install Kitt Peak Temperature sensors. BUI* 1  
Thermal test on Sub-Reflector? ? 2  
Check sun limits and for heating of translation stage. Bill 1  
Subreflector Work ( remove from telescope?) ? 1  
Touch up paint work on Quadra pod ? 2  
Pinhole camera tests Bill 1  
Measure the I/O volts of Focus stage position sensors. Bill 1  


Cold Head maintenance Martin 1  
Compressor repairs and modifications Martin 2  
Change oil in vacuum pump Steve 2  
Check vacuum lines and valves Bob S. 1  
Clean N2 cans Bob S. 1


Check calibration on light tower. (Change battery) Bob S. 1


Create new tuning tables. Bob S. 2  
Configure and Install tuning computers in rcvr rooms Tom 1  
Blow out and check connection on Tau meter Bob S. 2


Check GPS antenna and rain Detector. Bob S. 2


Install pin diode switch for Agilent. Gene 1  
Evaluate and upgrade MPI optics for JT receiver George 1  
Compile JT RX Tuning Guide George 2  
Evaluate Y-factor Measurement system for JT Receiver George 2  
Replace 1.3mm Ch. 1 Tripler George 1  
Install and test 2mm cartridges George 1  
Generate IF system diagram George 2  
Install Forbes IF Processor George 1  


Encoder power supplies- Change to ext. 115 Volts.. Pete? 1  
Implement a CTS IF config so that two can be used in "series". Eng 2  
Verify AOS center channels. Bill 1  
Complete modifications to FFB air flow/cooling. Dave 1  
Complete FFB installation and test it. Bill 1  
Replace broken light pen in AOS-C ? 1  
Check out AOS-B dark pixels Bill 2  


Blow out and check electrical J-Boxes Bob S. 2  
Check all building lighting. Bob S. 1  
Blow out all racks and electrical boxes Bob S. 1  
Check out and do maintenance on AOS and Maser Chillers Bob S. 1  
Replace battery in Vatt wind bird. Bob M. 1  
Check exit signs and emergency lights Steve 1  


Siding on Hilton MGIO 2  
Purchase and install weather station box. Robert 2  
Fire Alarm, emergency lights and fire extinguishers Bob S. 2  
Verify building angle limits. Bob S. 1  
Ship Maser back to MIT. Tom 1  
Organize all documentation into one place. Bob M 3  

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