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Job/Description Who ? Pri Done


Rebuild the gas powered hydraulic pump/engine. SB 1  
Hydraulic service SB 1  
Clean track. All 1  
Adjust building wheels SB 1  
Crane maintenance SB 1  
Investigate stink detector to find sewer smell source. SB/TF 1  
Get manufacturer to adjust Building Drives and to train staff to do this. TF 1  
Door and roof limit switches SB 1  
Check lights and interlocks on door controller BM 1  
Investigate building drive fuse issue. TF BF 1  
Install Evaporation Cooler for computer room HVAC system TF SB 1  
Install wind station on SMT Roof SB MM 1  
Order, build, check and replace optic cables on 4th Floor walls TJ BM 1  
Check for light leaks TJ 1  
Review w/operators how to turn on and run the gas engine to open / close doors SB All 1  
Building drive tests BF 2  
Maintenance on building hatches PF 2  
Inspect and repair hatches. BM. 2  
Engrave & inventory SMT equipment. BM 2  
Go through all cables throw out bad ones and replace with correct ones. BM 2  
Run gasoline engine, open and close doors. SB 2  
Install fans for 5th Floor walls SB All 2  
Install soap dish in room 3 bathroom SB 2  
Clean off & seal concrete for loading zone and ramp PF 3  
Check all bathroom showerheads for mineral clogs PF 3  
Paint fourth floor SB 3  


Inspect and grease hot-vane slider. SB 1  
Calibrate building vs. antenna limit switches.. SB 1  
Check elevation wrap SB 1  
Grease elevation motors and bearings. SB 1  
Check out inclinometers. BP 2  
Put inclinometer temperature probe in FMS. TF 2  
Investigate SAFELY washing dust etc off dish and tertiary SB 2  
Check out Krupp Servo Control Unit documentation. RF 2  


Clean and grease Az and El bearings SB 1  
Clean & grease ring gear SB 1  
Grease elevation motors SB 1  
Check for gas leaks SB 1  
Clean upper landing. SB 1  
Check Az wrap for cable wear. SB 2  

Computers / Control System

Finish integrating Unipops. CC 1  
Back up all observers data / user areas first TF 1  
Upgrade all Non-Real-time Linux boxes to Fedora Core 5.0 TF 1  
Install and program zero check box on VCO's TF 1  
Implement "Ostrich Mode" for CloudSat flyovers BP BF 1  
Implement system wide shutdown procedure TF 1  
Replace & clean ALL fans PF 1  
Check out why Inclinometer #3 signal intermittently off by 2x BP DF 1  
Include a goodness-of-fit indication in the pointing data TF 1  
Limit pointing fit extrapolation by Dataserv to < 2x grid spacing TF 1  
Implement a velocity offset for planet & comet observing BP 1  
Get rid of spurious "SYNA differs" warnings BP 1  
Keep antenna drive out of Pause when operator selects object in SAZ BP 1  
Debug tracking at elevations > 85 degrees BP TS 1  
Automatically insert Vane when going to Zenith TF 1  
Check in and document all software checked out for editing TF BP 1  
Replace temporary network cable used for CTSB and put in spare cables. DF 1  
Replace connectors with broken tabs on existing cables DF 1  
Find a permanent home for smtotux TF 2  
Continuously measure building currents to be saved after fuse blows. TF 2  
Move temperature sensors in Computer Room closer to hot computer racks. SB 2  
Go through computer room racks and get rid of old cables and lefts over pieces. TF All 2  
Create “engineering mode” to run tests for engineers when the building is closed. BP 2  
Redo taumeter chart and control program TF 2  
Explore the possibility of Frequency Switching Observations at the SMT Dr X 2  
Measure the signal from the inclinometer temperature sensor. TF 2  
Implement computer control over the IF switch box in the computer room: TF 2  
Report which SAMBUS bit(s) are stopping AOS/FFB integrations BP 2  
Implement specifying different frequencies of subreflector nutation in the DBE TF 2  
Check out why Emergency Stop on Carousel doesn't register with the ISC TF 2  
Get source code and recipe for downloading ISC software TF 2  

Prime Focus

Check sun limits and for heating of translation stage. BP 1  
Pinhole camera tests BP 1  
Touch up paint work on Quadra pod PF 2  


Cold Head maintenance MM 1  
Check vacuum lines and valves BM 1  
Clean N2 cans BM 1


Check calibration on light tower. Change battery BM 1


Process and summarize all efficiency measurements made last season KX BP 1  
Document frequencies of spurious ALMA Tsys spike and track down the cause GR GL BP 1  
Continue investigation of repair of 19-channel bolometer. Ask Hertz Group for help? RF 1  
Install remote Power Fail monitor capability in compressor



Compressor repairs and modifications MM 2  
Change oil in vacuum pump SB 2  
Create new tuning tables. BM 2  
Blow out and check connection on Tau meter BM 2


Check GPS antenna and rain Detector. BM 2


Compile JT RX Tuning Guide GR 2  

Backends / IF

Encoder power supplies- Change to ext. 115 Volts.. TF 1  
Verify AOS center channels. BP 1  
Debug and modify interface cards to eliminate 512 channel dropouts. DF 1  
Massive IF upgrade to support (4) 1 GHZ IF from ALMA/ JT Receiver All 1  
Build noise injection device to check for non-linearity in IF chain. DF RF BP 1  
Investigate what causes curved baselines in spectral line observations of planets GL GR RF BP 1  
Check out AOS-B dark pixels BP 2  
Rewrite Backend module for TO manual TJ 2  
PM on FFB ( clean filters, blow out dust, etc.) DF 2  
PM on AOS ( clean filters, blow out dust, etc.) DF 2  


Check all building lighting. TJ 1  
Blow out all racks and electrical boxes TJ 1  
Check out and do maintenance on AOS and Maser Chillers TJ 1  
Replace battery in Vatt wind bird. BM 1  
Check exit signs and emergency lights SB 1  
Check ALL UPS units batteries & replace them on ALL floors TF 1  
Redo taumeter chart and control program TF 2  
Blow out and check electrical J-Boxes TJ. 2  

Health & Safety / Misc

Get CPR & First Responder First recertification for all mountain personnel All 1  
OSHA standard for electrical conduit exposed on 4th Floor left flange. TF 1  
Verify building angle limits. BP 1  
Put No Smoking signs in ALL vehicles & rooms PF 1  
Check all kits in all vehicles for winter emergencies & cryo straps SB BM 1  
Kill all invading field mice in kitchen cupboards and sanitize again. TJ 1  
CLEAN ALL upholstery on couches & chairs in Lounge & Control rooms MGIO 1  
Purchase and install weather station box. RF 2  
Fire Alarm, emergency lights and fire extinguishers BM 2  
Finish and back-up Telescope Operations Manual and put it online TJ 2  
Organize all documentation into one place. TJ 3  

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