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SMT Summer Shutdown Schedules 2008


Job Who Priority Done Notes



Job Who Priority Done Notes
Back up all observers data / user areas first  TF  1 X  
Upgrade all Linux boxes to Fedora Core 6.0  TF  1    
Implement "Ostrich Mode" for CloudSat flyovers  TF  1    
Finish Implementing system wide shutdown procedure  TF  1    
Replace & clean ALL fans  PF  1    
Check out why Inclinometer #3 signal intermittently off by 2x  DF  1    
Include a goodness-of-fit indication in the pointing data  TF  1    
Limit pointing fit extrapolation by Dataserv to < 2x grid spacing  TF  1    
Automatically insert Vane when going to Zenith  TF  1    
Check in and document all software checked out for editing  TF  1    
Repair network cable ends.  DF  1    
Find a permanent home for smtotux  TF  2    
Continuously measure building currents to be saved after fuse blows.  TF  2    
Move temperature sensors in Computer Room closer to hot computer racks.  TF  2    
Go through computer room racks and get rid of old cables and lefts over pieces.  TF All  2    
Create “engineering mode” to run tests for engineers when the building is closed.  TF  2    
Redo taumeter chart and control program  TF  2    
Measure the signal from the inclinometer temperature sensor.  TF  2    
Implement different frequencies of subreflector nutation in the DBE  TF  2    
Check out why Emergency Stop on Carousel doesn't register with the ISC  TF  2    
Get source code and recipe for downloading ISC software  TF  2    



Job Who Priority Done Notes






Hydraulic Service SB 1    
Crane Maintenance BM 1    
Install new wind bird SB/BM 2    
Emergency Hydraulic System test and training SB/ALL 1    
Install loft fan SB 2    
Paint loft floor   2    
Taumeter maintenance BM 1    
Check GPS antenna BM 1    
Replace rain detector BM 1    
Change oil in high vacuum pump SB 1 X  
Repair roof cylinder hydraulic leaks SB 1    
Replace hydraulic filter units SB 1    
Replace taumeter heater SB 1    
Replace left side compressor outlet SB/MM 1    
Inspect roof peak seal and heat tape SB/MM 1    
Paint roof   2    

4th Floor

Check calibration on light tower   1    
Change Light tower battery   1    
Clean N2 cans   1    
Remount left flange receiver manifold SB/MM 1    
Paint ceiling   2    
Paint floor   2    
Repair receiver room door frame   1    
Install light over right flange   1    
Remove surplus equipment   1    
Organize test cables   1    
Cold head maintenance SB/MM 1    

3rd Floor





Replace ceiling tiles   1    
Check door and roof limit switches   1    
Investigate probs w/ door/roof controller and ISC   1    
Hatch maintenance PF 1    
Remove VLBI Mark IV rack from computer room   2    
Make mods to computer room AC and economizer   1    
Replace chamber incandescent w/ LED bulbs   2    
Repair control room window sills   1    
Replace broken Ethernet connectors   1    

2nd Floor





Clean track All   1    
Check and adjust building wheels as necessary SB 1    
Investigate drive fuse issue   2    
Install encoder equipment in pier   2    
Building drive maintenance   1    
Change oil in building gear boxes   1    
Paint carousel wall   2    
Replace insulation over carousel   1    
Anchor lockers   1    
Install lounge emergency light SB/BM 1    
Install kitchen UHF radio SB/BM 1    

1st Floor





Install red light shield SB 1    
Install radio antenna shield SB 1    
Repair/replace water heater   1    
Repair grout in all room showers JD 1    
Replace Room#2 toilet flange BM 1    
Repair bedroom windows   1    
Replace water heater vent cap   1    
Rebuild and replace ground boxes SB 1    
Clean all shower heads PF 1    

Telescope and Pier





Inspect, clean, and lubricate vane   1    
Calibrate building vs. antenna limit switches   1    
Check elevation wrap   1    
Grease EL and AZ bearings   1    
Check inclinometers   1    
Check sun limits and quadropod sensors   1    
Establish new radio horizon   1    
Clean and grease AZ and EL gears PF 1    
Check propane detector   1    
Clean upper and lower pier landings   1    
Wipe off wrap spacers and check cables for wear   1    
Change oil in AZ and EL gear boxes SB 1    
Clean tertiary mirror   1    
Clean, inspect, and lubricate secondary   1    






Organize all workbenches and engrave tools   1    
Clean all building light fixture and relamp   1    
Clean out and organize base camp container   1    
Clean/replace all computer fans PF 1    
Implement pointing model modifications PF/TF 1    
Replace battery in wind bird   1 X  
AOS and Maser chiller maintenance SB 1    
Check individual UPS units   1    
CPR/AED training All 1    
Check vehicle chains and emergency kits BM 1    
Restock hardware as necessary SB 1    
Restock electronics as necessary BM 1    
Organize linens JD 1    


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