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December, 2003


Following are instructions for all MGIO radio users:


  1. Make sure that the radio is turned on and you have selected channel #1 (MGIO radio repeater, located on Heliograph Peak) or channel #2 (bypassing the repeater).  Do not use any other channels except in an emergency.  The listing of channels is on the bottom of this sheet as well as radio call numbers for MGIO, SMTO, VATT and LBT.
  2. On Motorola Radios:  The small toggle switch (scan switch) on the top of the hand-held radio should be to the left for normal operation.
  3. When you arrive at the bottom of the access road you will need to call up for traffic clearance. Example follows:

“Is there any downhill traffic on the access road?”  If there is no response you then say  “one vehicle (or however many) proceeding up the access road.”  You would use the same text for going downhill, but ask for uphill traffic, then alert that you are proceeding down.  Be aware that there may still be traffic on the access road.  Drive with caution.


During winter when snow plowing is in progress, ADOT will have the road blocked.  You may want to place your radio in scan mode.  Switch to ADOT’s repeater frequency (channel 6) and advise ADOT Dispatch that you are at the snow closure gate.  They will send a person to open the gate and escort you through the snow plow closure area.  If you can’t get through to ADOT call down to the Safford base camp (Unit 30), and as time allows they will alert ADOT for you.  After contacting ADOT dispatch, be sure to return your radio to channel 1 to monitor MGIO radio traffic.  ADOT also has the MGIO frequencies on their radios but may not be monitoring the MGIO channel.  During snow plowing operations, when you leave the MGIO site or pass through the gate at the end of the pavement, please notify MGIO personnel alerting them that you are moving through the unpaved section of roadway.




  1. MGIO Repeater (Heliograph Peak) 
  2. MGIO Repeater Bypass  
  3. MGIO Simplex Communications 
  4. Graham County Sheriff #1  
  5. Graham County Sheriff#2 (Heliograph)
  6. ADOT Repeater (Heliograph)
  7. ADOT, Simplex Communications
  8. USFS Repeater Net (Heliograph Peak)
  9. USFS Repeater Net (West Peak)
  10. USFS Limited Range
  11. USFS Air to Ground
  12. Kitt Peak National Obs (Mtn)
  13. FLWO Repeater (Tucson Base)
  14. FLWO Repeater (SAO Ops)
  15. State (Arizona Emergency)
  16. USA (National Emergency)
  17. Weather Information
  18. Rural Metro Ambulance


Radio System Unit Assignments

Revised   03/21/06 

Tucson Admin./Base Station

60 Vatican Obs. (Emer. Peak)


10    Buddy Powell

61    George Coyne

70     John Hill

11    John Ratje


70  Alpha    Joar Brynnel

12    Bob Peterson

63    Randy Swift

70  Bravo    Ray Bertram


64    Technical Division

70  Charlie John Little


65    Dan McKenna

70  Delta     Dave Ashby

15    Sharon Thomas

66    Jose Funes

70  Echo      Mile Gusick

20    Kitt Peak Base

67    Guy Consolmagno

70  Foxtrot  Shawn Callahan

21    Bill Wood

68    Rich Boyle

70  Golf       James Howard

22    Gary Rosenbaum

69    Chris Corbally

71     Jim Slagle

23    Manny Jacquez


72     Wood Hart



72  Alpha    Josh Hart


A.R.O. 10-M Telescope

72  Bravo    Wood Hart Jr.

30  Safford Base

80    Visitor (site)

72  Charlie Gary Jewell

31    Joe James

81    Lucy Ziurys

73    Tim Axelrod

32    Shane Olsen


74    John Waack

33    Keith Taylor

83    Martin McColl

74 Alpha     Bonnie Ferguson

34    Doug Roden

84    Mark Metcalfe

74  Bravo    John Prothro

34 Alpha  Brian Young

85    David Forbes

74  Charlie Kevin Newton


86    Robert Moulton

74  Delta     Bruce Bingham

36    James Kennedy


74  Echo      Chuck Smith

37    Mary James


74  Foxtrot  Jim Pomeroy

37 Alpha Brenda Bejarano

89    SMTO Tucson (Tom Folkers)

74  Golf       Rick Hansen

37 Bravo Donna Ornelas

90    Steve Buffalo

75  Hotel     Ed Lundin

37 Charlie Amanda Torrio

91    Bill Peters

75     JT Williams

37 Delta


75  Alpha    Larry Vaughn


93    Eugene Lauria

75  Bravo

39    BB Andrews

94    Bob Freund

75  Charlie Doug Officer


95    Kiriaki Xiluri

75  Echo       Dave Sakacs

40 Mt. Lemmon Base

96    George Reiland

76     Jason Smith

41    Jim Grantham

97    Patrick Fimbres

76  Alpha     Warren Davison

42    Charlie Crouse

98    Tom Folkers

76  Bravo

43    Martin Romero 

99    Teresa Jiles

76  Charlie   Jon Rousseau



76  Delta       Tim Williams

50 Biologists


76  Echo        Gene Holmberg

51    John Koprowski


76  Foxtrot    Jeff Rill

52    Vicki Greer

Star 1.    M. Thomas

77    Steve Warner

53    Melissa Merrick

2             R. Smallwood


54    Nate Winn (temp)

3             Jerry Garcia


55    Jessica Stephens

4            W. Boltinghouse



5             L. Lines


57    Byron Buckley



58    Kate Leonard (temp)    
58  Alpha    
59   Claire Zugmeyer (temp)    

59  Alpha Geoffrey Palmer (temp)





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