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At the site, the ARO maintains 8 bedrooms, each with a bathroom. Five rooms are inside the SMT building, 3 others are in an adjoining trailer. In view of ARO's responsibility for the safety of the facility and technical assistance, we attempt to maintain two ARO staff on site at all times, leaving room for visiting observers to stay overnight at the observatory. If an observer team needs to be larger, some of its members will have to commute to a motel in Safford. It is also possible to stay at the VATT if there is space available, but that can not be guaranteed in advance.

Each observer at the SMT site is responsible for buying and preparing his/her own food while at the telescope. Facilities provided by the ARO include a fully equipped kitchen with refrigerators, gas range and oven, microwave oven, etc. General condiments, like salt, pepper, sugar, tea and coffee are also stocked by the ARO. Food also may be acquired in Tucson prior to driving to the Observatory; however, there are no supermarkets within walking distance of the Plaza International Hotel. Again, a rental car is recommended. Limited shopping opportunities (a large grocery store) are also available at Willcox, AZ or at the small market just before the MGIO base camp.

Presently, communication to and from the site is available through two telephone lines, one of which doubles as a FAX connection. We also have a continuous data link to the Tucson computer and Internet. This link provides telnet communication to the outside world. Observers will be billed for telephone calls while at the observatory. The use of a telephone calling card for this purpose is strongly encouraged.

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