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Observations Under Poor Weather Conditions

There are a variety of weather conditions which can endanger the safety of the telescope. It is the responsibility of the operator to take appropriate action if any of the conditions listed below occur. Several monitors of weather information are available:


  • A tipping radiometer operating at 225 GHz takes measurements every 5 minutes. The control to the tipper is in the control room. Currently the control panel is located on one of the operators many screens. A plot of the last day is given in the weather program screen. In addition, updated tau plots can be found on the ARO website: (http://maisel.as.arizona.edu:8080/weather_stats.html)


  • The operator's status display gives information on the current wind speed, the wind speed averaged over 5 minutes, the highest wind speed (gust) in the last hour, and the highest wind speed (gust) in the last 24 hours. If the wind limits are exceeded, warning messages are posted on the monitor display. The status display will also go red in the appropriate wind speed area. The operator is responsible for shutting down the telescope if the winds get too high.


  • The operators status display reports the current readout of the pressure, temperature, relative humidity, and the estimated refraction index. In addition, it displays the most current tau reading from the tipper.


  • Current satellite maps are displayed in real time on one of the operators many displays.


If the operator judges that the telescope is in danger - he has the authority to shut the telescope down! That includes for wind, rain, snow, sun, etc. We want you to get data, so if we have to shut down, please realize that it is because the telescope/building has to be protected. We will try and open as soon as it is safe to do so.

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