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Safety is Our First Priority!

Due to the isolated location of the observatory, personal safety is our top priority. We advise all new users, particularly those unused to high altitudes, to pace their activities for the first few days at the site. This will give you a chance to acclimatize. As an example, we do not allow observing when only one person is on site. Since there should always be at least one ARO staff person on site (usually two), a single observer at the telescope is possible. Two or more observers naturally increases your safety. Coincidently, it is much easier to do many of the telescope operations if at least two observers are present! 24 hour observing is possible when there are at least two observers.

Note that if you will not be using the telescope for an extended period of time, let the staff know-we always have staff tasks to do!

Be sure to allow time for you to sleep and for driving to and from the site. The roads can be an adventure at times, particularly if you are tired. We would like to see you come back!

Second in our list of priorities is the safety of the telescope, which includes NOT pointing at the sun or observing during 100 mile gales-no matter how neat the data! People violating safety rules (personal or telescope) will be reported to the ARO director and appropriate actions will be taken.

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